Co-op Road Shows

Co-op Roadshow

Thanks to everyone who attended our Manhattan and Brooklyn Road Shows in 2016!


All around the city, we are working within our cooperatives and organizations to build solidarity economy initiatives. This can be a powerful, transformative experience. It can also be deeply challenging, time consuming work. Too often, we feel like we’re working alone, and that our challenges are unique to our organization, our sector, or our neighborhood.

At CEANYC, we believe that we have more in common than we think, and that coming together as a community for an evening to learn, share experiences, and build relationships can be an important step towards building political and economic power.

At the Co-op Road Show, we will gather with like-minded folks engaged in cooperative enterprises and neighborhood and community institutions across sectors who are working to achieve similar goals. During a two hour workshop, facilitated by fellow New Yorkers with experiences in various sectors of the cooperative movement, you will have the opportunity to:

• Meet and network with other coop members in your area
• Dig into key concepts behind cooperatives and solidarity economics
• Identify and problem-solve around common issues and challenges
• Brainstorm and develop possibilities for working together

We hope to see you there!