Youth Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the purpose of this program?

To create opportunities for a new generation of co-op and solidarity economy leaders to build the skills, knowledge, and relationships needed to maintain our enterprises and advocate for a cooperative city. 

To deepen our shared commitment to and practice of the Cooperative Principles including: #5 Education, Training and Information; #6 Cooperation among Cooperatives; and #7 Concern for Community; and the solidarity economy values of Mutualism, Cooperation, and Social and Racial Justice.

Who will it serve?


You! This fellowship is designed to create a pool of talented and skilled young people (18-35) who want jobs in our co-ops and solidarity economy. By participating in this program, members like you can share the costs and risks of investing in young workers and leaders while benefitting from  youth innovation and insights and the support of CEANYC’s skilled trainers.

The fellowship will also support inclusive communities. We are specifically interested in creating jobs for people who are marginalized by our society including young people of color, immigrants, women, disabled people, low-income people, LGBQ, and transgender and gender nonconforming folks. We’re partnering with existing youth and student organizations serving these groups to recruit our fellows.

How long does it last?

Fellows are selected in the summer, begin in September, and serve for an academic year ending in May.

What does it cost?

We intend to compensate fellows at $20/hour for 1-5 full days of work per week depending on their availability and the needs of our membership host sites. Thus, the cost of participation is the cost of compensating a fellow. We are seeking external funding to support our host sites who are unable to provide financial compensation for fellows. If funding is an issue for you please let us know.

Days Per Week Cost Per Week Total Cost (40 Weeks)
1 $140 $5,600
2 $280 $11,200
3 $420 $16,800
4 $560 $22,400
5 $700 $28,000

Aside from monetary compensation, we also ask that our membership host sites offer at least one point person to supervise fellows and provide one-on-one support through check-ins and evaluations twice each month.


How does the application process work?

CEANYC staff will make the application publicly available, as well as distribute the application to our youth-focused partners in late February 2018. Interested youth will have until March 31, 2018 to complete the applications. Once all the applications are received, CEANYC staff will review the applications and make discrete matches based on what the membership host sites have indicated as their needs and preferences, as well as what the applicants have indicated as their top three choices for host site placements. By April 7, 2018, host sites will receive a list of interested and qualified applicants, and will have until the April 30, 2018 to interview and select their fellows. Applicants will have until May 15, 2017 to confirm their interest and placement.


What support or training will you offer host sites?

CEANYC staff will provide an initial week-long training for fellows and will coordinate the application process. Fellows will meet regularly with CEANYC staff and as a cohort for additional training and learning opportunities, and CEANYC will regularly check in with  member host sites. CEANYC will also provide funding support for the co-ops that cannot cover the cost of a fellow on their own. If you need any specific support in hosting a fellow, please let us know!


What support or training will you offer fellows?

The program will begin with an in initial week-long training in the Summer that will cover a range of topics, including but not limited to: technical skills, conflict resolution, history and context of the Solidarity Economy movement, racial justice and gender justice, democratic decision making, leadership skills, budgeting and finance expertise, and social media and outreach. We will also participate in supervision of our fellows alongside our members host sites.